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Welcome back to the Capital City Real Estate Group video blog! I’m Marc Iafrate, Broker-in-Charge of the Capital City Real Estate Group here in Raleigh. Today we are going to discuss How to Organize Your Closet Spaces Without Breaking the Bank

There is a certain satisfaction in having a well-organized closet – not to mention that it’s a space and time-saver on busy mornings! And the best part is that you don’t need to spend tons of money to get a well-organized closet space. A lot of the work is just thinking outside the box.

Plan The Closet First

Before you do anything, sit down and plan out your closet. Measure it so you know the exact dimensions so if you need to add a rod or drawers, you’ll know what size fits. Clear out your closet to get a better idea of its contents and space, then plan out what you want it to store. Having a clear idea of how you want to organize the space will prevent impulse purchases and mutiple organizational strategies.

Optimize The Contents

Your closet is essentially a functional space, so treat it that way. Think about what you want to have easy access to, and what can be rotated into storage. Bulky winter coats, for example, can be stored elsewhere until winter arrives. Once your closet is pared down, look for items that you can donate – think about anything you haven’t worn in a year or more.

Optimize The Space

Even if you have a small closet, it can be a great space. Optimize what you have by using the walls and the door for hanging storage, and by stacking items. Wire shelving is inexpensive and easy to install, and is great for seeing at a glance what you have. A movable closet rod for hangers can be hung up high for more storage, and pulled down for easy access. And what about the double-hanger trick – hooking one item’s hanger off another’s? This way you can pair items that go together to save both time and space. More space saving tips – Use shower rings on hangers to store scarves and hang baskets under shelves to maximize space.

Organize The Space

Experts say that organizing items by color is not the most efficient method – instead, group items by activity or function. Pants are with pants, dresses with dresses. Use labels to make access and maintenance easy. Put the most frequently used items in the center and at eye-level, and make sure drawers are slightly below eye-level for sorting through the items easily. Finally, think creatively: use hanging shoe bags for other items, hang jewelry off of hooks, store entire sheet sets in their pillowcases.

If you have questions or need input, contact your Capital City Real Estate Group Broker. After all, we have helped many of our clients with de-cluttering and space saving tips to make their homes stand out.

And remember, you can always rely on your Capital City Real Estate Group Broker for helpful tips and referrals for trusted professionals whenever you need them.

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